Metal Bootcamp

Metal Bootcamp - 10 Days of Metal Madness


02. - 12.03.2020

990 €

Target Audience

10 days of rigorous and extensive training for metalheads ages 16 and older

# classes and workshops with professional musicians
# in-depth instrumental lessons and bandcoaching
# masterclasses with renowned guest instructors
# network and connect with like-minded musicians # glimpse into the professional metal musician course


Major lessons (drums, guitar, bass, vocals, or keys), bandcoaching, harmony and ear training rhythm and groove, music business, songwriting/arranging, music history, stage performance

50 units of one-on-one and group lessons, as well as workshops

Graduation concert and live recording at “Zum Wackinger” in Wacken


Major Instructors:
Robert Klawonn (git), Achim Rafain (b), Patricia Rieckhoff (v), Sören Teckenburg (dr), Philipp Krätzer (keys)

Core Instructors:
Torben Bortz, Enno Heymann, Henrik Plothe, Ruben Roeh, Frank Simoneit, Helge Zumdieck, check back for more

Workshop Instructors:
Linus Klausenitzer (bs) Sebastian Lanser (dr) Christian Münzer (gtr) TBA (vox/key)

Wacken Workshops im März 2020
16:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Unsere Wacken Metal Workshops mit Tom Geldschläger, Christian Münzner und Linus Klausenitzer.